Sunday, 9 September 2012

Can I interest you in a conservatory?

Looking back a few years I think the first time I wound up a cold caller was when I was at my wife's flat some time before we were married.

The man was very keen to tell me about the conservatories they were selling. I feined interest and asked all sorts of questions and eventually we got around to booking an appointment.

He must have been feeling pretty pleased with himself for getting a sale, but he was soon to be deflated

"So what's your address?".
"Flat18, 4th floor, Witchcoate point"

He interrupted me. "4th floor?" "Yes" I replied, "We are on the 4th floor"

"So you don't have a garden?"

"No, but we do have a balcony. You can build a conservatory on a towerblock balcony can't you?".

The line went dead

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